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Beachbody entered my life when I needed it!!!  When my body and my mind needed a transformation!  It was a breath of FRESH AIR and I fell in love with it FAST!!  I started with my fitness transformation by committing to a 60 day program and shakeology. I lost 10lbs and dropped all my bloat!!!! I was teaching 10 classes a week and I couldn’t lose 2 lbs!! OK this works!  


Since going ALL IN my Coaching Business has been built to a 7 figure Income Business!  My Team, Dream Extreme, has over 25,000 Coaches in our organization - OMG!!!!! I have hit Elite Coach 4 years in a row. And I have 6 Coaches that I personally enrolled to join my team that are making 6 figures!!!!!! And 5 of them are stay at home mommies!!! I mean stop and read that again…..I know that may be hard to believe but the more you look through my site, you will see that it is!  And what makes it all possible is social media!!!!  I share this to let you know it is POSSIBLE - it’s REAL - it’s a GAME CHANGER - a LIFE CHANGER…and it all started with me saying YES i totally wanna do this!!! This sounds FUN :)


So you are thinking, how does this work? Can I actually do it?


Watch this video 

Are you Ready? Here are some questions to ask yourself:


(1) Do you have a Burning Desire to Positively Change your family’s life?? That’s a powerful statement - yikes! But really, how do you want to help yourself and even more - help the people closest to you live better, healthier, happier, debt free or less stressed


(2) Are you teachable? If I tell you exactly what to do and lay it out in front of you- just like a workout calendar- will you allow me to mentor you?


(3) Do you have an hour a day? You will need one hour a day to commit to growing your business which will be done primarily on social media!! You can break that up into 30 minute time frames if needed. And you don't need to find an extra hour, just trade out some reality tv or Facebook scrolling you may be doing now :)


(4) Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? I hope you are saying YES!!!!!!! No matter where you are right now on your fitness journey- just starting, need to lose 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 50 lbs or just tone up- together we are going to transform your body, your health, your energy, your mentality!


(5) Are you truly motivated to help others? This is a business about helping other people!! We help people transform their fitness, nutrition habits, motivation and even their finances. By helping others first- you will be rewarded in more ways than one :)

Kristina - I want to learn more!!! If you are that person that wants to dive in deeper, please do :) Here’s a full presentation I did on how Beachbody Coaching works!

My Timeline as a Coach


​Enrolled as a Coach / Had no clue what I was doing, but I was pumped!


​Lost my full time job & went on unemployment —one of the scariest times in my life.

Earning $200-$300/week in Coaching


​Lost 10lbs with P90X & Shaekology in 90 days!  Decided to go ALL IN with Coaching! Earned $40K by year end…WOW!  I hit 4 Star Diamond Rank!  I host a VIP Limo Night for my NEW Leaders Celebrating Friendship.


Lost a total of 20lbs with Turbo Fire & Shakeology! Earned OVER a 6 Figure Income (with my account and my husbands) Hit 6 Star Diamond Coach and qualified to open my 2nd Business Center!

**7 Day Caribbean Cruise earned through Beachbody


I’m pregnant with Brooklyn!!!  We pay $30K in credit card debt and besides our home mortgage we are DEBT FREE!  I Hit 9 Star Diamond & triple my annual income in Beachbody!!!!!! I host a private cocktail party for my entire team in Vegas and reward my DIAMONDS with Coach Wristlets and a public shoutout for being AH-MAZING!


I’m pregnant with Brooklyn!!!  We pay $30K in credit card debt and besides our home mortgage we are DEBT FREE!  I Hit 9 Star Diamond & triple my annual income in Beachbody!!!!!! I host a private cocktail party for my entire team in Vegas and reward my DIAMONDS with Coach Wristlets and a public shoutout for being AH-MAZING!


​I lose 53lbs with Turbo Fire and the 21 Day Fix!!!!!! I hit 13 Star Diamond Coach and host a Pool Party in Vegas during Summit for my DIAMONDS!!!!  We move into our Dream House!!!! My Team hits ELITE COACH (year 2)  My 2nd Business Center that I opened in 2011 is now earning a 6 figure income on its own!! I’m chosen to be a speaker (1 of 2) at Christine Dwyer’s Platinum Edge Conference sharing my secrets of developing Diamonds…crazy nervous exciting!!!!  I host MY OWN team meeting for Dream Extreme in Vegas and have CHALENE JOHNSON & AUTUMN CALABRESE as Guest Speakers ——— OMG!!!!! Can you say “Bucket List”!!


I’m pregnant with Skye!!  I hit Superstar Diamond Coach aka 15 Star Diamond!!! The highest level in Beachbody Coaching!!!! I RENT OUT a spa and host a private spa day and a RED CARPET VIP dinner for my DIAMONDS!!!  I’m selected to speak at Summit at 30 weeks pregnant in front of 4000 Coaches!! I deliver Skylar on 9/23/15…I don’t have to take a maternity leave :) My Team hits ELITE COACH (3rd year in a row)


**Cancun Mexico Trip for me and hubby earned through Beachbody


I’m on the journey to lose the baby weight….again!  We RETIRE my dad!!! Taking stress off his shoulders and giving him more quality of life to LIVE :)  I’m asked to speak at Summit on HOW TO BUILD LEADERS UNDERNEATH YOU - perfect topic as I love to talk on this!!  I’m a mom of 2, back to teaching classes, inspiring people to start their fitness and coaching journey, motivating others, motivating myself — its a lifestyle and its called #CoachLife

Kristina's Journey as a Coach

Hiii!! My name is Kristina Sullins and I want to introduce myself as a small town girl who just WENT FOR IT! Really!  I’m no different than you, I just had a passion in my heart to do something MORE and took a leap of faith…on myself!  I have gone from Unemployment in 2010 to joining Beachbody’s Millionaire Club in 2013!!! I say that humbly because I have built a Coaching Business HELPING OTHERS achieve THEIR DREAMS first.  And because of that, I have been blessed, my family has been blessed with the freedom that Coaching brings :)  When I started as a Coach I was working 50+ hours a week in Corporate Management in downtown Chicago. It was an extremely fast paced, high stress career that almost swallowed me whole!  I’ve been a fitness instructor my entire life (20 years!) because I LOVE music and motivating people…but what I found is the higher up the ladder I moved in my career the LESS TIME i had for my OWN FITNESS, my own ME TIME to take care of my health and nutrition.  I was motivating everyone else and NEGLECTING MYSELF. I was Emotionally, Mentally and Physically STRESSED OUT….and I wanted out, a fresh start, something NEW…but i honestly didn’t know where to begin.  And I definitely couldn’t afford to leave my 13 year career…I really felt trapped.

I have been called to do THIS.  It is my PASSION to help others see a bigger picture for their life.  I share this to show you it is possible. You have to work for it, you have to want it but the quality of life it will bring you - the TIME to live your life how you choose is priceless.  I want to INSPIRE you that anything is possible - but you can’t wish for things to happen, you have to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Let’s Get Started!

Kristina :)

"Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. Statement of Independent Coach Earnings,

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