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Kristina Sullins Beachbody Coach


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So many people are striving for a healthier lifestyle,but there's about a million reasons why it's so hard to figure it all out.

Such as...

- They just don't know where to start.

- They start and quit, over and over.

- They haven't found a workout they actually enjoy.


Does that sound like you?

Great! You're in the right spot!


I created The 4 Ways To Fit Guide to help anyone and everyone with their starting point and to find their soulmate workout.

Once you find the workout you LOVE, that you're excited about doing, you won't have to worry about quitting anymore!

postpartum weight loss

Let's get started


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Free Workouts

  • Access to 13 different workouts

  • Press play 24/7

  • Cardio, strength training, barre, and more

  • Find your soulmate workout


On Demand

  • Stream 1500+ workouts with a BOD

  • Access to meal plans, recipes, cooking videos, workout calendars, calorie calculator, and progress trackers

  • Yoga, strength, cardio, dance and more

  • Best trainers in the world, such as Tony Horton, Shaunt T., Autumn Calabrese, Chalene Johnson, and more

  • 3, 6, and 12 month plans available

Challenge Group

  • Work with me privately in my online group

  • 30 day supply of Shakeology, our superfoods + protein shake

  • 30 days of Nutrition+ membership

  • 1 year membership to BOD, 1500+ workouts

  • Ultimate Portion Fix & 2B Mindset

  • Shaker cup & Ultimate Portion Fix Portion-Control Containers


Team Member

  • Work with me privately from the business side, join my team of over 1,000

  • Opportunity to make money, earn free products and trips

  • All training is provided, no experience necessary

  • Learn exactly what I did to create my 6 figure income, Million Club status & Superstar Diamond rank


Oh Hey!!

I'm Kristina! I'm so glad you're here and looking to improve your health and fitness! It's one of my biggest passions, to help other women find that joy in taking care of themselves in a more positive and healthy way! 


A little bit about me, I'm a wife and mom to two beautiful little girls, I've been a fitness instructor for over 20 years, previously worked in the corporate fitness industry, fit biz entrepreneur, currently fighting Lyme disease, dog obsessed and lover of all things chocolate!

In my business I am a Superstar Diamond with a team of over 1000, I became a member of the Million Club in 2018, I've paid off all of my debt and built a home from the ground up with the six figure income business I started in 2009. I love helping people make health and fitness a priority and pouring into them all of  the training, knowledge and passion I have for this business so they can thrive on their own!


Again, I'm so glad you're here and would love to help you find your passion for health and fitness. Check out some pics of my team below, we have a lot of FUN and would love to have you on board! 


meet my team

Team Dream Extreme is a group of ​goal oriented, passion filled ladies who have come together to change the world thru health and fitness! We come from all over the US, Canada and the UK. We support each other, share our dreams, and help one another reach our goals! We are not just business partners, we are friends first! One of my favorite parts about our team is that we work together, when you join us you aren't left wondering what to do next, we show you and guide you the entire way!

This is my team and I would love to tell you more about them and what we do!

Asset 15.png

"She showed us the path, but helped us figure the best way to go down it for ourselves. She is an open book, leads by example, and is proof anyone can succeed in this business if they're willing to put the work in. I love that coaching has brought these goal driven, incredible women into my life."

-Megan Psota


"Kristina leads with heart and hustle! Her passion is to see others succeed. She is willing to lead from the front and show how to achieve your goals."

-Stephanie Lane


"This weekend I got to listen to and learn from Kristina Sullins. She has built a team of hard workers who just have a passion for fun, happiness and making dreams come true! She is a leader in all aspects and makes a person want to be the best version of themselves."

-Sarah Noid

have you ever wanted to run a 5k?

Our newest program is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to run! It combines strength training exercises with guided running audios to get you ready for a 5K in just 30 days! Check out Tiffany below, she lost 9.4 pounds in just 30 days!!

30 day breakaway before and after

This is massage therapist Tiffany W., she lost 9.4 pounds in just 30 days!!

“I am quicker and look forward to running regularly now! It’s become a habit for me to run! Running has helped me gain mental clarity, and resistance training has definitely helped me with my running. I feel stronger.”

30 day breakaway results

This is matchmaker Maleeza K., she lost 14.4 pounds and a total of 12.5 inches in just 2 months!!

"I have discovered the long-forgotten joy of an au natural runners high! The highlight of my day is running with my children in the hills. I have so much energy, I feel alive, and my sleep pattern has done a 180.”

30 day breakaway results

This is talent agent Jodi F., she lost 15.8 pounds and a total of 16 inches in just 3 months!!

"I lost weight and gained a lot of muscle and confidence. Most importantly, I became a runner, and accomplished fitness and running goals I never knew I had! My clothes fit better and I feel sexy again!"

Free Online Fitness Classes

Group fitness instructor for over 25 years

I love teaching, absolutely LOVE it!! And that's why I created my very own ONLINE FIT STUDIO!

Check it out below and get 2 FREE classes!

Check out what people are saying...



"Best Turbo class yet!!! Your energy is amazing!!!!"


"I just wanted to say that I appreciate you! This was awesome :) I didn't get a chance to tune in live however just finished the recorded version and it was perfect, no lag."


"Today I did the recording of Pop Pilates with Kristina Sullins. I wanted to do her live class, but was in the middle of a tough tele-physical therapy session. Great class! Excellent instructor!"


"Thank you SO MUCH for recording these and sharing out. I am unable to do the live ones during work, so these are a great way to end my night after the rest of the house is asleep! Appreciate you and all that you're doing for the workout community!"



Fave Fit Five

my top 5 fitness products that I can't live without







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