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How do you ASPIRE to set BIG GOALS?

GOALS!!! 👊🏻✅ How do you ASPIRE to set BIG ONES when you have so much on your plate?? I feel this has turned into my "message"...we run in circles most days from morning till night it can feel like a least mine does.

As a mom I want to be the BEST MOM which is standards we put on ourselves and that can be daunting 😬 but like anything else it's shoes we have to grow into day by day and enjoy the ride (when we can breathe!). BUT you DESERVE to set Big Goals TOO!!!! You deserve to go after your dreams and instead of thinking you shouldn't or you can't---do it because of your family!!!

No GOAL is rewarding to achieve if it doesn't positively impact the people that are most important to YOU! So for me I'm a mom first but I'm fulfilled inside to know I'm helping others, making a difference AND doing what I love ❤️!

So where do you start??? Write those big dreams on paper as Goals- take a deep breath and just do it! Then look at them hard---do they align with your priorities??? If not, it's ok! They are on paper and in the back of your mind- and in a diff point in your life you may revisit them. If they do align- you prob just got a little excited!!!!!!!

So now you just did the hardest part- writing them down! Now it's making an action plan to make them reality! And sometimes it will take you 6-12 months to make a big goal happen----that's ok! On paper is now reality to even begin Making it Happen! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

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