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A Plan to CRUSH your 2018 Goals

Have you written out your 2018 Goals...but haven't put a plan in place to achieve them? Or maybe you aren't sure exactly HOW to make your BIG, CRAZY Wishes on Paper H-A-P-P-E-N!!!

Here is MY GOAL SETTING SYSTEM that I have been using for over 10 years...this SAME system has taught me HOW to pay off over $30K in credit card debt, turn a passion for fitness into a profitable business, get crazy organized and run our home like a business AND design and build our dream home...just shy of being on unemployment 3 years PRIOR!!!

Are you ready?

1) Write out 10 Goals that would be crazy, amazing if you were to achieve them by year end!!

-these goals should STRETCH you

-these goals should make you HAPPY and position you to Change your Life for the better!

2) Different Categories to consider when writing your Goals







-Self Care



3) Three Reasons WHY people fail when they set goals

#1 - It's SCARY to write big goals on paper

#2 - Most don't know how to reverse engineer a big goal. (MY SYSTEM - organize, plan, sacrifice to achieve)

#3 - We don't stay accountable DAILY to Make It Happen!

To JOIN my 1 WEEK FREE Goal Getters Group for 2018 - email me / titled: Goal Getters Group or simply click on the CONTACT ME button here



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