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Marketing your 80 Day Obsession Journey

So you've committed to 80 Day on to the journey!! The number #1 motivator for me to stay on track and hold myself accountable to any fitness journey, is to SHARE it! Yep that means everyday I share a snip into my workouts, meals, how I'm feeling and my results. Whether you are doing this simply for YOU or you want to inspire others along the is a great way to do BOTH! Here are some tools and tips on how I market my journey as a Coach and a Client of Obsession...

1) Video your workouts!! People ask me all the time how I mount my phone to do this...I use a car mount and stick it to the mirrors (or window) in my basement studio. Get the right angle BEFORE you start your workout! To film, you can just use the video on your camera and then take crop it afterwards or take screenshots if you just want photos. What I'm currently doing is recording my videos in Instagram Stories which are 15 seconds long. Which is long enough :) I click the "Hands Free" icon which gives me 3 seconds before it starts recording. Stories also allows you to play your own music in the background where youtube and facebook will not due to copywriting.

2) Track your Workouts: Print out the worksheets ahead of time for the entire 80 days and get yourself a cute clipboard (Target)! I love how this workout is set up like personal training. What I've been doing so far is doing the first half of the workout w/ the video and the 2nd half on my own following the worksheet...bc its all laid out for you! This REALLY allows you to workout anywhere and at your own pace, I tend to go through it quicker if I'm just rocking out each exercise on a list. And then don't forget to SHARE on social!

3) Share your Journey on Social: There are many different social media platforms and ways you can do this. I'm just giving you ideas, do what makes sense to what you ENJOY doing and where your audience is now...or where you want to GROW it!

Facebook Profile - Create an 80 Day Obsession Album and share your photos throughout the journey there

Facebook LIKE Page - the only thing that really gets visibility on a LIKE page is LIVE. So if you like video, you could go live once a week and share your experience and tips with the program

Start a Blog - If you like to write or do so in a more private way, a blog is perfect. You can share your photos, videos or just your thoughts for the day! It's also a great avenue for recipe sharing. Use hashtags if you want people to find you.

Pinterest - Start an album on pinterest which you could link back to your blog. Simple and Fun photos of your day to day. Look at what other people are posting about Obsession....and then do something DIFFERENT!

Instagram - So this is my NEW FAV!! I'm personally using Insta Stories to share my workouts, meals, progress and thoughts DAILY!! It's so quick and gives people a REAL inside look to you. If you don't like video, you can upload photos to your stories or just your feed.

PICK ONE and stick with it...for all 80 days! Show your progress EVERY WEEK!

4) Organize all your Photos in 1 Place: Let's be honest, before you know it you will have hundreds of workouts and food photos in your phone it can be overwhelming?!! Here's what I do to clean out my phone and have everything in ONE place...I create a folder in dropbox or google drive and I upload EVERYTHING there. Every single photo and video and then I delete them off of my phone. I also keep my before photos there bc I know I'm going to want them in about 30 days :) Seems like its a lot of work now, but I promise you will feel so organized later = stress relief!

5) What to Share: Lastly, I get asked all the time...what exactly do I share on social? Honestly, this is up to you. Think of this as therapy for yourself, like you are talking and motivating yourself through the program daily. What are the words you need to say to yourself on good days and bad? Be REAL, be YOU, Be Inspiring...that's what your audience wants to see :)

Alright its time to get to WORK!!! Have a great workout today and SHARE IT! Come say HI on my IG Stories!!!!!!

If you have NOT joined in on Obsession's the info on my next group!



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