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Think Bigger!

I believe in Great People! I believe in natural born leaders who don’t quite see those qualities in themselves yet. They love what they do, have a passion for people and are just looking for THEIR SHOT in life!!!! I believe strong, confident women just need a chance to SHINE. To use their God given talents on a platform where they will be heard, to help people they were called to Lead. I believe that everyday Leaders are around us every single day....I simply look for them! And I also believe you can either step into a Mentorship Role and help them step into their power, or someone else will!!!

Believe in them before they believe in themselves and they will never leave you! Better yet, they will exceed even their highest expectations of themselves....and that itself is the BEST GIFT a Leader can ask for! PS- this was a moment at my live event this year where all of my Leaders took the mic on stage to say a special thank you to me and how I have impacted their family’s life through our Coaching Business together! Talk about a tear jerker ❤️ I love helping people fall in love with fitness...but I love even more creating 6 figure earning coaches who are motivating thousands...Think Bigger Friends!



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