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Lead By Example

My Epic Diamond Celebration!!

When I understood that the Success in building a Coaching Business comes from building a team...specifically building Leaders of Leaders, I knew I could do that!!! I love lifting people up! I love being the visionary and showing others what’s possible if they just go for it! I believe in helping others get results! Results is what drives motivation! I personally do not need to be motivated...what I need is to be heard. To be given strategy, a plan of action and belief that it is possible. And when the work is put in and end game is achieved, I want the most crazy fun celebration others will talk it about it for weeks! That’s what it looks like to work with me. Once a year I host a leadership night for my Diamonds...this year was a black and rose gold themed photo shoot, a VIP meeting with Cody Jefferson, private dining in a restaurant I closed down for this party and experience I hope they will never forget! I can’t tell people what do in every moment. But I can show them. I can be the Leader I would want. I can take care of them to show them how to take care of their people. Thank you all for being YOU!!! My heart is busting FULL from these photos...just wish I could’ve squeezed a few more in.


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