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Change your Mindset about Food

Ever since I’ve had my second daughter, I have struggled to lose the final weight...and she’s 2.5?! I workout everyday and I do eat healthy!!! But is that enough?? Honestly it’s not. If it was most of us wouldn’t struggle to get to where we want to go. (Just being real)

I’m so happy to share I’ve lost 9lbs on the 2B Mindset Weight Loss Program!!! And I’m sure you are wanting to know - how?!! What’s different about it?? Well I think the biggest thing is I had to own that I always said, I hate to lose weight. Quote. I was basically sabotaging myself and brining negative thoughts to myself to fail before I event started...and I didn’t even realize it! Do you do that? I needed a mindset shift about the process of losing weight and that’s what this program gave me! It taught me how to love the process of losing...did I just say that? Who is this person?! Haha! What you focus on becomes your life. “The secret”. So what if you focuses on losing weight - the right way!! Not working out...I’m talking about FOOD baby!!! What to eat. Why? And works for your body to lose, have energy and still feel happy?! Yes, I said happy bc no food is off limits on this program- what?!! So it’s a mindset shift in a positive direction to lose weight. It’s education training around nutrition to teach you what fuels your body and will help you lose! And it’s motivation like no other to give you the support to do this!!!! This program is freedom from food. And that’s what my clients love most about it!

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