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How to Host your own Team Retreat

The Secret to helping others Succeed on your Team is to create a fun learning environment that doesn’t feel like work! I’ve found this to be true no matter what your profession is. This past weekend I hosted an Emerald Retreat for about 20 of our future leaders along with two of my top coaches and good friends - Shawna Penney (Million Club Earner) and Jalene Kaiser (Success Club Legend). Not only was it a TON of FUN but it was a huge success in allowing us to get in front of new, ambitious faces and for them to be inspired and trained on how to take this biz and run with it….

Come take a peek inside our 1st Ever Emerald Retreat and of course a checklist if you want tips to host your own…


1. Party Theme - Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and Be Sweet on the Inside (Come up with something fun!! All decor and dress code was in this color scheme)

2. Presenters - I don’t do anything alone...ever. When I look for Coaches to teach at the training, I look for leaders on my team who will have coaches at the event, have different strengths than I do and who may need a little push to present on a topic they are excelling in.

3. Venue - I hosted this at my clubhouse which is convenient for myself and my local team. I have had coaches fly in for an event like this. Coaches had to earn the opportunity to register and their ticket price covered the venue. Choose a location that fits your theme and is affordable.

4. Purpose of the Event: Our purpose was to do a training for “newer” coaches in the organization and help them rise up. Not everyone was new but the rank to hit to qualify requires you to enroll 2 coaches on your team. So this event was to train rising leaders how to hit diamond/make a full time income in coaching and build confidence in what they are already doing.

5. What makes it special: We brought a photographer in to do VIP photos (they had to earn this), a personal chef to cook a gourmet gluten and dairy free lunch, a party organizer who designed the decor and of course the personalized clipboards with their names on it, a team photo shoot AND a champagne welcome toast! I’m all about the details and making each person feel special :)

Everyone wants to feel apart of something BIGGER than themselves! A Team! A Movement! Hosting a Mini Retreat is designed to allow each person to come as who they are but walk out knowing they are apart of something GREAT...and have the confidence and know how to make their dreams HAPPEN with the training they just received.

Cheers to the next one!

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