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Free Coach Internship

I’m looking for some interns for my fitness business!! And we start tomorrow! Are you looking for a summer hobby to learn about how you can get in the best shape of your life and work a virtual social media business promoting health & fitness?? That’s what I DO!!! And for the 1st time EVER- im opening a FREE Internship where you will shadow me inside my biz and learn what I do - to see if it’s what you want to do too!! You do NOT have to enroll as a Coach. This is totally free. However you do have to reside in the US, Canada or U.K.! Must be 18 yes of age. You can NOT be a coach now or be working with a coach. I am specifically looking for women who love working out and would like to inspire other women to start their journey! You do NOT have to be at your goal weight YET. I will help you get there. This is part time and you can do it in the cracks of summer time you have around your schedule. Required- a positive attitude, goal driven, interest in fitness and learning more about it, love for social media and interest to learn more about it, genuine interest to help others get Fit and change their lives! Simply enter your name in email here to join! You will receive an email with the link to my private Facebook group After the internship if you decide to enroll as a coach on my team, I will show you how to build financial biz that can change your life!!!!


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