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Diastasis Recti: Part 2

How did I find out that I had Split Abs (diastasis recti)?? First of all I’m overwhelmed and humbled by how many women have confessed they too have DR - either already completed the surgery and thankful they did OR trying to figure out their next steps of what to do!!! That was my hopes in sharing my story so I already know that is exactly what God wanted me to do. I will respond to everyone but I’m hoping to answer the big questions in posts like this... I knew I had an umbilical hernia and I went to a general surgeon to discuss surgery. I told her how my stomach almost looks deformed ever since I lost all the weight after my 2nd daughter. It didn’t look like this after my 1st. Doing core work is uncomfortable. Not painful but almost like my body isn’t using my abs?? I thought it was the hernia....she told me my hernia was super tiny (blueberry size) and not the big problem. She had me lay down and do a crunch- she put her fingers in my abs and told me I had DR. I said what is that? I cried when she told me and then when she made me feel my stomach- I really cried. How do I fix it??

It can be repaired through physical therapy however bc your daughter is 2.5 yrs old the only option now is surgery....plastic surgery!!!! I really started to ball!!! I am petrified of hospitals and surgeries!!! Why doesn’t my OBGYN check for this? Why aren’t we being warned to check ourselves for this as new moms? She really just shrugged her shoulders. It’s scary!!!! Had I known earlier I could’ve corrected it through therapy. Moms ~ get checked by a doctor. AND check yourself. I googled diastasis recti and instructions on how to do the crunch and feel my abs- mine were together at the top, then they started to break open and at my navel we’re 3 fingers apart- so like a diamond they caved into a black hole!!! Which is how my organs would fall forward!

This was the day before surgery. Thank you for your prayers! And simply listening! Recovery Day 15.


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