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Diastasis Recti: Part 5

3 Weeks - Day 23 of Recovery from Split Abs Surgery (Diastasis Recti) I’m still unable to stand up straight and my posture shows it here...but things are beginning to look up! I’m off the heavy pain meds finally!! I’m able to walk around the block pretty quickly now which is the only activity I’m getting. Ugh! I went to a graduation party last weekend which took everything out of me but I needed to get out! And I went to target yesterday with my dad (still not driving) and that was FUN and so tiring at the same time. Right now I have #hematoma so my lower stomach is so swollen and hard as a rock! It’s uncomfortable and I look bloated when I’m not :( Dr says it will dissolve on its own with time...I also made it into yoga pants today and that alone was an accomplishment!!!! ⭐️ I’m getting better and stronger everyday. I’m a full throttle kind of person so I want things to be so much further along but I know too it’s not in my time but God’s. Thank you for your prayers during this very difficult journey. ❤️

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