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Inside My Epic Beach House Retreat - Day 1

Where to begin...last month I hosted a Beach House Retreat for my Diamond & Star Diamond Coaches in Destin, FL! Something I have wanted to do for years!!! And what finally made me take the plunge and book the Beach Mansion? (Yes I said mansion) My diastasis recti surgery over the summer. Going through definitely one of the hardest times in my life made me say - THIS IS IT! What am I waiting for?? I celebrated my 10 year Anniversary as a Coach with Beachbody this past June and had planned to host a Team Party at our Annual Summit Convention in Indy this June...but when my surgery came up, I missed Summit! The party went on without me, thank goodness...but all I could think about being home in bed recovering was how I was missing out. I believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason. So I told my assistant, IF I book my surgery and put me first (bc I never do) and miss Summit...then we are booking the Diamond Retreat I've always wanted to do!!! So that's exactly what we did. As soon as she returned from Summit, we searched online...and searched...for the PERFECT Rental Retreat! Alot of things go into play with this and its one of the reasons I didn't book it before. I could never find the PERFECT house, location or price. I'm still not sure how we got lucky this time but when we found it, we snagged it!

Let me tell you a little about the RETREAT and my Vision for the weekend! I wanted to celebrate our Team's 10 Year Anniversary with my Top Leaders! I wanted to THANK THEM with an experience of a lifetime. I wanted it to be a time where we all had a blast together slowing down to speed up. Friendships and connections are invaluable in life let alone a business.

MY VISION: I wanted a Beach House for sure!! I wanted something over the top, bc hell why not?! A pool and deck were a must so we could do our workouts outside and not have to leave the property. It needed to be a gated community so we felt safe. I wanted to plan virtual training calls so we could learn and grow our businesses to the next level...together. AND I wanted to plan some epic dinner parties that would go down in the books! Work Hard, Play Hard...

Let me take you inside the WELCOME PARTY...

Mariela & I arrived first with our chef for the weekend, Tessa! Which by the way was a last minute, oh no we don't have a chef and my mom tells me her friend lives in Atlanta and is AMAZING!! So a week away from the retreat, I book Tessa to come with on a last minute whim...and let me tell you, the retreat wouldn't have been the same WITHOUT HER!

Back to the WELCOME PARTY...I love to make a Grand Entrance and roll out the "red carpet" when my team walks into an event. In this case, I surprised them with SASHES that were personalized with our Team Logo (Dream Extreme) and read Diamond or Star Diamond Coach!!! Like SOOO CUTE!! As they arrived in car pools, they came up to the door of the home one at a time and I put their sash on them. I don't know why I LOVE to do things like this??? But I DO! It's all about the details....and all about making people FEEL special! xoxo


The first night we had a pool party as everyone continued to arrive all night. We had a main house and a pool house. The girls chose their rooms...we were like kids running through a real live Barbie Dream House! So so fun!!! Tessa made the first dinner and we all fell in love with her instantly. My best friend, Shawna Penney & 1st Coach to join my team, was the last to arrive!!! We all knew this was going to be an EPIC weekend we'd never forget...

See next blog post for Day 2 of the Retreat...

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