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Beachbody or Starbucks

Is Beachbody coaching a real business model? Let me explain it to you the way I tell me family and friends.

So I relate Beachbody and Starbucks because they are both billion dollar companies and are very well known. Everyone knows what Starbucks Coffee is and you might not know the name Beachbody but you know their famous products like P90X, PiYo, 21 Day Fix, Insanity, etc.

When you become a coach with Beachbody and start your business it's like franchising your own Starbucks. Instead of having a brick and motor store your store front will be your website that will be given to you. You won't need to stock inventory because Beachbody stores all of it for you and ships it to your customers. You won't need to hire employees, there is no overhead and the start up cost is low and affordable. The start up cost is low because you don't have all the costs of building a brick and motor store, buying the inventory, hiring employees, etc.

As a coach you will be a product of the product. You will use the workouts, nutrition and supplements for your health and fitness journey. And then you will share all of this passionately with your family, friends and on social media.

If you want to build a simple business you are going to do three things...

1. Create and share your health and fitness journey on social media and attract like minded people to join you

2. Host and run online challenge groups

3. Plug into our fitness family

If you want to build a huge business and chase your dreams with the coaching opportunity you are going to focus on building a team. I want you to think of your team as their own CEOs who are building a team of coaches as well. This is a gift for people looking for something to change their lives. I hope this gave you a new perspective on coaching! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions at



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