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5 Truths WHY Group Fitness Instructors will love Morning Meltdown 100

5 Reasons WHY Fitness Instructors will LOVE this program and get the BEST RESULTS in 100 Days!!!

I’m a fitness instructor for over 20 years now! I teach and take classes. I run outside. I lift weights, do yoga and Pilates....and I do virtual fitness workouts through Beachbody. Why? Why Not?! In the cracks of time I don’t teach or can’t leave my house with the kids- I can get in quick workouts with my phone!!! And unlike classes, Beachbody gives you the complete system to lose the weight and finally focus on YOU!!! Not just your classes.....

Here’s why every fitness instructor will love MM100 launching soon...

1. A LIVE DJ!!! As an Instructor myself, I know how much music motivates us! Not only to lead our own classes but to lead ourselves in our own workouts! Jericho has a DJ on set and the workouts are hyped to music!!!

2. MM100 is led like a Group Fitness Class! Most Beachbody Workouts are taught like a personal training session or even group training. But this one is led like a class and it feels like it!!! You are moving to the music and it’s choreographed inside 32 count phrasing - which is music to my ears! I don’t know about you but find it hard to do anything inside my own fitness (running , lifting weights etc) OFF BEAT! Ha!

3. Jericho Matthews is an Instructor just like us! She loves music, fitness and motivation. She loves to empower others to workout and get rock solid results! I think you will love her Bc she lives in our world and is simply teaching GF from a bigger platform!

4. Stackable Workouts! This is what I LOVE about this program!!!! Each workout is 20-30 minutes long with a total of 100 workouts! But it’s scheduled on a day one, day two etc. it’s designed for you to complete 100 workouts! Which means you can do one a day or you can stack 2/3 a day based on your schedule. Let’s say you taught a class or 2 today and you are done (as that was your workout). But tomorrow you want to stack Cardio Lit (20 minute hiit workout) with Downbeat Strength (30 minute lower body). That’s what you can do to customize it to your schedule! xoxoxo

5. A Morning Routine of what you are MISSING! If you live and breathe fitness like I do- maybe your missing link is working out on the days you don’t teach class. Or getting in strength and flexibility training when all you teach is cardio! Or maybe you workout but you can’t lose the last 10 lbs? Or maybe you used to teach 10 classes a week and then became a mom and it’s just easier to find quicker solutions to do at home in between. Or maybe you eat healthy and workout but you are tired, lack nutrition, weight loss, strength and flexibility and are spinning in circles trying to figure what you are missing...,

I know what you are missing bc it’s what I was missing TOO! A system! Morning Meltdown 100 will include a Morning Routine like this -

100 workouts (virtual access)

Nutrition Education

Meal Plan and Supplements

Energy and Recovery Options

Personal Growth Plan of Action (15 minutes a day)

Community - Friendship - Motivation all inside my MM100 Summer Group!!!

Prep Week begins July 22 - Summer Group kicks off on July 29 as your 1st Workout!!!!

I would love to have you as fellow fitness instructor in this group with me!!! Use MM100 in the cracks of time when you can’t get your workouts in or do the complete program for a body transformation - it’s up to you!



Interested in joining as a Coach on my Team and having your own Fitness Business with MM100?? LEARN MORE

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