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New Energize Flavor!

Have you heard the news?

I seriously can. not. wait to get my hands on a new flavor of my favorite thing. NEW Mixed Berry Energize, my Power Punch, has launched! Mixed Berry has hints of blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry which is basically perfect for spring and summer!

Energize is technically a preworkout (and I definitely use it for that - it is specially formulated to help you push harder in your workouts and help your muscles last longer), but it is also great before working to help you focus, before cleaning the house to give you a boost or anytime you just need a little extra energy! Mixed Berry Energize features our powerful trio of beta-alanine, caffeine, and quercetin to help boost energy and endurance. It is all natural and contains about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee - but it is derived from green tea! Mixed Berry Energize is available in 40 serving subs and 32 serving stick pack cartons as either a one-time order or monthly subscription.

Want to get your hands on some? Click Here



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