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Cookies & Creamy Shakeology is COMING!

Meet our new, here to stay, superfood flavor - Cookies & Creamy!

The creamy, chocolatey goodness will remind you of the cookie you loved as a kid, without the side of cookie guilt! Plus, Cookies & Creamy is the first superfood flavor to be certified gluten-free, plant-based and still includes all the nutrients we LOVE from our daily shake!

This will be a brand new PERMANENT Shakeology flavor! We have launched different seasonal options in the past, but this is the first new permanent flavor in a long time!

Quick Facts: 🌟 Vegan (meaning its dairy free!)

🌟 Gluten Free - we reformulated our vegan blend so it is now gluten free! SO excited to be able to say this!

🌟 And FULL of probiotics! We have doubled the amount from previous flavors 🤯

🌟 Available on autoship in a 30 serving bag or 24 serving packets

🌟 Launching June 22nd!

Want on my VIP list? Fill this out HERE - Kristina's VIP Cookies and Creamy Shakeology

I will send you FREE Cookies & Creamy recipes and let you know best deals on how and when to grab it!

Cheers, Kristina

Superstar & Elite Coach


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