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Energize Stick Packs

Energize stick packs

Now Available! Beachbody just released their new Energize stick packs. This is awesome because taking my pre-workout drink on the road will be super easy now!

What’s all the hype about? Well, for me it’s the best pre-workout drink I have ever used and it doesn’t make me jittery. I want to have the energy it takes to not only finish my workout but to give it all I got! And no one likes the jitters.

You can now purchase a box of 32 stick packs that are super easy to pour!! Even into a water bottle! Not going to lie to you, dragging the whole tub around isn't exactly convenient and the trial size packets create a pretty big mess if you’re trying to get that powder into a water bottle. So these stick packs can’t come at a better time!!

Check out the nutrition facts:

Energize nutrition facts

Key ingredients:

  • Beta-alanine This amino acid helps reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles, which helps to delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue so you can push harder and last longer. Numerous scientific studies show that beta-alanine is especially effective at helping to improve performance during intense exercise.

  • Low-dose caffeine (from green tea and coffee bean extract) Low-dose caffeine has been shown to be ergogenic (which means it helps enhance performance). It also helps improve reaction time and focus, and reduce exercise-induced muscle fatigue. From recreational exercisers to elite athletes, studies show that it can give you both a mental and physical boost.

  • Quercetin This powerful performance-enhancing phytonutrient gets a lot of attention in leading exercise physiology-nutrition laboratories because it can help improve endurance and delay exercise-induced muscle fatigue to help you get through your workouts and give you a competitive edge.

What are the benefits of Energize?

  • Boost your energy and endurance to get thru any workout

  • Improve exercise performance

  • Sharpen focus and reaction time

  • Increase muscle power output

  • Delay exercise induced muscle fatigue

Kristina Sullins Elite Beachbody Coach

Why is Energize better than other pre-workout products?

  • Safe energy boost without the jittery side effects

  • Scientifically shown to improve exercise performance, sharpen focus and delay exercise induced muscle fatigue

  • Ingredients that are scientifically shown to work

  • No artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

The Science Behind Beachbody Performance:

Rooted in cutting-edge sports science, exercise physiology, and nutrition research, Beachbody Performance supplements feature key ingredients that are supported by the latest peer-reviewed science, athlete input, and top players in the field of exercise physiology and nutrition.Beachbody Performance products contain state-of-the-art ergogenic (performance-enhancing) ingredients and phytonutrients that are scientifically shown to improve energy, stamina, strength, focus, and recovery. These key ingredients are included in the formulas at their clinically established effective levels. There are no artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.Leading the development of Beachbody Performance is Nima Alamdari, PhD, a Harvard-trained exercise physiology/nutrition scientist and Beachbody’s Director of Scientific Affairs. The team’s work was rigorously reviewed by key members of Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board, including Marcus Elliott, MD, a Harvard-trained physician and founder of the world's leading athlete performance training center Peak Performance Project (P3), and Francis Stephens, PhD, a world-leader in exercise physiology and performance nutrition research.Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board comprises top international authorities in fitness, nutrition, botanical science, herbal integrated medicine, and product safety.



Energize Stick Packs by Beachbody

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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