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Gluten & Dairy Free For The Pickiest Kiddos

Gluten and Dairy Free shake for kids

In May we went gluten and dairy free for our kids on a journey to help Brooklyn with her development. It was a 90 day experiment to see what kind of difference it would make. Well that’s another post because it’s been a huge Eye Opener to say the least. But Skylar also has a skin sensitivity and we are sure it’s due to dairy.

Now, let me tell you how hard it is to shop for BOTH gluten and dairy free! It’s not easy! Most of what’s on the market is full of SUGAR whether it's GF or not. They love this smoothie and we use it as a daily snack, make popsicles or for dinner when they will not eat theirs. And this face says it all!!!!! Moms if you are on the journey to helping your kids find healthier alternatives or simply looking to cut the sugar, I’d love to help!!!

Fill out the form below to get more info on a special sampler pack of Daily Sunshine so you can have your little one try both flavors before you buy the full size tub!

Daily Sunshine sampler pack



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