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Transform :20 by Shaun T Now Available!

Transform 20 workout with Shaun T

The newest workout by Beachbody to hit the virtual shelves is Transform :20 by Shaun T. This program is all about giving you a powerful workout in a short period of time. And when I say short I mean 20 minutes short! I know that sounds crazy but 5 minutes in and you will understand why. The program is only 6 weeks and it comes at the most perfect time of year, right after the holidays when you need to lose those extra pounds that you may have put on from Turkey Day to the ball drop. So what do you think? Can you commit to 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks? I know you can!

Let’s answer some of your questions so we can get you started!

Who is Transform :20 for?

The great news about this workout is that it’s for everyone! How is that even possible? There is a modifier for beginners to follow that will simplify all of the workouts and for those that are more advanced they can follow Shaun T.

  • All genders and fitness levels

  • Anyone wanting to scorch fat and transform their abs, legs, glutes and upper body without weights

  • Busy parents and professionals who have less than 30 minutes a day to workout

You can apply to join my online challenge group here

When can I order Transform :20?

You can order now! The program will be released on January 14th 2019 for those that purchase a bundle.

Check out these bundle options here

Do I need a DVD player?

Nope. One of the best things about working out with Beachbody is that you can do it anywhere! Anywhere with a cell signal or Wi-Fi that is, haha. You will be able to stream all of these workouts from either your computer, tablet, smart phone or TV. New to streaming and don’t know what the heck I’m talking about?! No problem, so basically you will go to the Beachbody on Demand website or app, select your program, scroll your workout and press play! That’s it, super easy! Not to mention convenient. I usually workout in my home gym but I’ve taken my workouts with me and done them in hotel rooms and even poolside at my Beach House Diamond Retreat that I hosted in Florida! Oh, that was so much fun!!

beachbody on demand stream your workouts on any mobile device


Transform 20 transformation results

Transform 20 transformation results

transform 20 transformation results

What’s this whole personal coach and virtual challenge group?

Ahhh the best part! So when you purchase a Transform :20 bundle you will typically be working with someone like me who is a Beachbody coach. Your coach will be assigned to your account and will include you in their virtual challenge group. This challenge group is held online, usually in a Facebook group. This group will begin with everyone starting their first workout on the same day and working through the program together. There will be daily posts in the group relating to health and fitness, the workout program, extra posts for participation and other fun stuff. In my groups I like to have everyone comment on the posts to earn points for my giveaways and prizes! Yep, I said prizes! That’s not even the best part! For me and most of my challengers the greatest thing about these groups is finding new friends that are just like us! Ladies who are trying to lose that baby weight, tone up some flab or lose 20+ pounds. We have it all in my challenge groups and I’ve seriously made some lifelong friends!

Join my challenge group here

Remember to always create healthy habits!


Kristina Sullins

transform 20 challenge group

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