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Candice Talbot

Thanks to you and the nuggets you gave me on that call, I helped all these people! You quite literally changed my business when I was stuck. Thank you!!!


Megan Psota

Why can't every weekend be like this. Two days of training, laughing, food and drinks put on by our AMAZING leader Kristina. She showed us the path, but helped us figure the best way to go down it for ourselves. She is an open book, leads by example, and is proof anyone can succeed in this business if they're willing to put the work in. I love that coaching has brought these goal driven, incredible women into my life!!


Stephanie Lane

Kristina leads with heart and hustle! Her passion is to see others succeed. She is willing to lead from the front and show how to achieve your goals. She lead a leadership weekend for my team and they all left energized and ready to conquer their goals. She gave them clarity and focus with a strategy to take action. She believes in people before they believe in themselves. The whole weekend was like a fun party but we left feeling empowered and confident. Kristina is different from other coaches because she cares, truly cares about her team. She cultivates confidence and leadership so that the coaches she mentors become leaders themselves. 


Sarah Noid

When this lady comes, you sit down, shut up and listen...
Just kidding you have fun, you laugh, you get out of your comfort zone and you work hard! This weekend I got to listen to and learn from Kristina Sullins. She has built a team of hard workers who just have a passion for fun, happiness and making dreams come true! She is a leader in all aspects and makes a person want to be the best version of themselves. It’s time to #levelup and not wait for life to happen!
You can be a part of this to.

Kate Tellez-DeMatteo.jpg

Kate Tellez-DeMatteo

I'm building an amazing local team. My business sat at diamond for 2 years and we are finally flowing, signing coaches weekly and moving this thing! It's so exciting!!! I wasn't sure I would get here from beng a consistent SC10-20 challenge group coach to a leader with a team...this is everything!

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