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Fitness & Nutrition Private Group Coaching

with Kristina Sullins

Hi!! My name is Kristina and a busy mom of 2 girls, a fitness Coach for Beachbody and an Entrepreneur.  


I’m totally obsessed with teaching women how to make fitness fit THEIR crazy, busy lifestyle! I believe fitness can be FUN!! And if it’s not, you will find it hard to stay motivated. 


 I want to TEACH YOU how to follow a simple plan that simply WORKS and will get you the results you WANT!!! 


 You will have access to over 600 workouts through Beachbody On Demand (most that I have done and gained a transformation with myself), online nutrition guides, recipes, cooking shows and 30 days of Shakeology to see how it works for YOU!!!! 


 Now the secret sauce is in what I provide in my private coaching group ---- my group is focused on the MINDSET and MOTIVATION it takes to make fitness FIT YOU! Your LIFE! Your Schedule!!! 


I’ve been in fitness for 20 yrs so I have made it my life to teach others how to organize their daily schedules and make it a priority in your life without living in the gym or spending hours “researching the latest nutrition and diet trends online” don’t have time for that!! 


 I aspire to teach you how SIMPLE and FUN fitness can be when you surround yourself with the RIGHT PEOPLE and the BEST TOOLS at your fingertips….here’s how it works!


1. 700 workouts you can stream from any device
2. 30 day supply of Shakeology
3. Meal Planning Simplified 
  • Meal plans (weight loss, vegetarian, gluten free options) No cook meal plans

  • Grocery lists

  • Online recipes & cooking shows

  • Portion controlled food containers so you know how much to eat to lose

4. Private Coaching Group
  • Private app

  • Log your workouts daily

  • Log your shakes daily

  • Cheer on other participants in our Accountability group

  • Motivation, Support, Accountability from me as your coach



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