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80 Day Obsession - DAY ONE

DAY 1 Girlfriend!! I have been WAITING for this program to begin for a month now!! And YES this is about how I felt SUCKING IT UP and taking my before photos, weight & measurements...but guess what, it's TIME to put our big girl pants on and STEP INTO OUR POWER...this journey is going to be a tough one, but exactly what my Mind and Body needs right now...

SO even though I planned my entire timed nutrition plan out the day before...Mom Life always intervenes and throws things I started my day like this -

6:30am Mom Life - I don't want to move but Skylar gets me up anyway!

9:00am PRE-WORKOUT MEAL: 2 Eggs, Kale Mix, Coconut Oil and Oats with Coffee :)

10:00am - PRE-WORKOUT Supplement #Energize

10:15am - 1st Workout!!! HOT DANG it was tough!

11:30am - Post-Workout Supplement #ChocolateRecoveryShake with Blueberries

2:00pm - Post Workout Meal 1 / Turkey Chili

4:00pm - Meal #1 / Veggies & Hummus

5:30pm - (you can see the rest of my day in the menu below)

7:00pm -

OK its day one...I'm learning...I got a late start but I will plan better tomorrow? Or least aim trying!!

I created this menu for myself to be able to track my timed nutrition daily. If you are doing the program yourself, you can use it here.

Cheers to a Successful DAY ONE!!!! I'm sharing my journey on my Instagram STORIES daily...come say hi!!

p.s. check out my Ultimate Motivation To Workout Checklist here.

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