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80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Results!

Phase 1 Complete of 80 Day Obsession and I’m Ecstatic to say I’m 5lbs down!!!! Can I say I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this program!! When I started I was so weak. My muscles lacked strength, my body wasn’t toned, my bloating was out of control and I felt stuck! Let’s also not forget that I had the flu for 2 weeks and had to take a break....but got right back on once I could! I feel in control of my fitness for the first time in a long time. I’m having FUN with the workouts and the changes I’m seeing in my belly, booty, arms and legs is AMAZING!!! I have 2 phases to go and can’t wait! I love feeling like I'm working out with a personal trainer at home on my own schedule. That's freedom!

Life’s too short to wait till you are motivated. Do hard things even when you don’t want to! ❤️

p.s. check out my Ultimate Motivation To Workout Checklist here.

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