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To The Best Mom Ever

The BEST Mom EVER...we all want to be HER, don’t we? I grew up being an only child and my mom was a single working mom. She worked from 6am to 6pm bc she had to pay the mortgage. It was hard!!!! It was lonely.

At a very young age I told myself IF I’m ever going to be a mom, it won’t be like this...I don’t have any resentment. But I knew as a little girl I wouldn’t repeat this cycle. And as I grew into a career I loved and became a workhorse, I had this tremendous guilt that I didn’t want to give that up to slow down and become the Mom I knew I wanted. So I just didn’t for a long the process and for other reasons I started a part time coaching business on top of my full time career. I blew it up and never went back to work. I have worked from home since 2010 and it has been an amazing blessing... So 2 years into my business, God placed it on my heart that all the pieces to my life were in place and it was time. ❤️ Today I have 2 beautiful girls and a super supportive husband! He allows me to be the ambitious woman I was born to be! And I’m the present Mom I ached for my whole life. Am I perfect?? Absolutely NOT!! But I’m here...and to me that’s a PRIORITY I live by and will teach my girls to duplicate in theirs someday.


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