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Fight For What You Believe In

Promise me you will get up and fight today!!!! Fight for what you Believe in! Fight for someone who needs you to stand up for them...

Each day we can choose to let life happen to us, or we can take a deep breath and decide to get up and FIGHT!!! I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe through struggle comes opportunity. I’m in a season of standing up for my daughter to help her get the best care, doctors and resources possible. I’m also in the season of healing my own health. I’m researching till I’m cross eyed. I’m tired. But I’m owning it.... The road may look long and sometimes daunting to even take the first step. But once you do, your journey falls into place and you realize it’s about something so much bigger than what you thought. My husband calls me stubborn. My mentors call me strong. I call myself a Mom who never gives up and will not take no for an answer! God is Great! Life is precious! It’s times like this I’m simply thankful for all the crap I’ve been through in my life....bc it prepared me to get up and fight for her!


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