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Pay It Forward

Stage Recognition definitely was a Motivator for me...let’s be honest?! But it’s a short term spark! My first BIG DREAM was to make this my full time income. And that seemed like a Huge Stretch!! I know people make money in online businesses but it’s not it? It’s not like a it? Those were the thoughts and fears that ran through my head for the first year of my business. I was an Instructor and a Fitness Club Manager. I didn’t know the online space. But I knew how to motivate people into fitness...I knew how to find Great people and inspire them into fitness! Would that be enough? God gives you what you can handle at that time. The first year all I could handle was dreaming big and getting my feet wet with training. But the more I did and learned the more I fell in love with it!! I started dreaming and praying to make this a reality! All I wanted was for THIS to be my “career”. So I could pour my heart and soul into motivating people to start their fitness journey or a business like me. And guess what- your life becomes what you FOCUS ON!

A year and a half later I was presented the opportunity to Make This Happen. It’s called Unemployment. For Real! But God knew I could handle more...and with the tug on my heart to RUN. I did!! And I’ve been running ever since! 12 months later my biz hit 6 Figures...24 months later it hit The “Million Club”.

Would you believe I just taught women HOW? That’s what I do everyday on Social. I just teach my Success Habits and Tips! That’s how I pay it forward...


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