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Fighting Like a Mother

I always heard that motherhood changes you...but I don’t think I realized how true and powerful that statement is until recently.

My daughter Brooklyn is my angel, I truly believe that. She has been on a journey of her own for 3 years now...she’s in therapy like it’s a full time job plus pre-school in an IEP program. She has gone through serial casting for toe walking and is currently walking in AFO’s (braces) to learn how to walk the correct way.

This photo alone shows her growth! She’s engaged with the moment, is smiling ear to ear and saying cheese for the photo! Something that took a long time.

I never knew how strong I was until she showed me how strong she was. Everyday I’m thankful for her growth and steps forward...but I’m also thankful for the tug on my heart that God placed there to stand and FIGHT for her wellness. To not just be but to be the one person who will fight for her before she can for herself.

Most of the time I just GO...I don’t stop. It’s tiring. It’s overwhelming. But I know that I’m doing the right thing! I know God has placed this little girls journey in my hands to get up and fight for her! And I am doing things I never thought I could!

Brooklyn - you saved me when you didn’t even know it...and right now I finally understand WHY I have been groomed to be this strong, why I had to walk through fires my entire life to come out the other end and pull myself back was to be this Mom, the one I was always meant to be. The one that Brooklyn needs to get her through this ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻


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