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Diastasis Recti: Part 3

What made me decide to DO the surgery? Day 17 of my recovery from split abs surgery (diastasis recti) and hey I’m out of the walker!! That’s progress!! ⭐️ I looked into what would happen to my body if I did NOT do the surgery - bc believe me I didn’t want to!!!

1) Back Pain - if I can’t use my core this will lead to lower back pain sooner or later :( 2) Can’t ever work my abs again! Well there are some things you can do but not completely. I live fitness! For me this is devastating. Even picking up my daughter requires core work- and if u can’t use your abs, you use your back and that leads to injury. 3) My organs falling forward just freaked me out! I actually went to the ER 2 months ago bc I felt a bulge in my stomach and thought what the heck is that? They told me absolutely nothing after a cat scan. Later I learned it was my intestines 😣 4) I will always look pregnant struggling to fit into jeans and my abs falling over my pants everytime I sit down. For real that’s what it was like. It’s a personal journey and as scary as it was, I decided I didn’t want to live that way!!! I want to live! I want my body to be able to do what it is callable of. I did feel guilty taking care of Mom and taking a 6 week time out- I admit. But thankfully my husband supported me 100%!!! ❤️ And the cost??? Let’s just say thankfully Coaching again has helped me pay for something I never would have had the funds to pay for out of pocket. No it’s not covered under insurance. What else do you want to know? Still in a lot of pain but I did walk around the block with hubby today 🎬 Baby Steps!


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