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Diastasis Recti: Part 4

Diastasis Recti Surgery Recovery. Look who is in her office and almost standing up straight!!!!! Day 18 - I woke up today and I just felt....better! I was almost afraid to get excited bc what if it was just an hour and then the pain was going to come back. I jumped on a call with one of my coaches today, and that felt good! I sat at my desk and worked a tiny bit! My assistant came in and said, wow your color is back and you look like you feel so much better?!! I was like....I think I do?! I think what got me over the hump was my NEW corset!!! I just ordered 2 different ones from Belly Bandit. The minute I put it on, I stood up almost straight! Ahhhhhh!! What I love is that it has 6 adjustments so as swelling goes down you can adjust. I have to wear this for 60 days ALL DAY! And spanx about killed me, so I’m glad I accidentally found them on google!! But nothing happens on accident right??! I wish I would’ve had these after my pregnancies! Dr says I’m doing good. Have some swelling in my belly and lower back where blood is clotting...hemotoma. Waiting to drain it out. Still can’t do much except walk which is still hard. I told her I’m a Full Throttle ALL IN girl! This is killing me! She’s like- Kristina it’s been 2 weeks and 2 days.


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