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Upper Body Workout - Morning Meltdown 100

Check out my first week of workouts trying out the NEW program - Morning Meltdown 100!!! Today is upper body. She uses light to medium dumbbells in the program. Id also have a yoga mat and water on hand. Each workout is 20-30 minutes and they can be stacked, meaning you can do more than one a day if you miss a day (LOVE THAT)...or you can just do one each day. There are 100 workouts total!! The program includes cardio, upper and lower body strength, core, flexibility and MMA style conditioning as well! ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME! Looking for a Summer Fitness Program - Im starting my Group July 29th with a prep week beginning July 22nd!

Hey I take and teach group fitness classes, run outside and lift weights! But to get the best results - its about following a SYSTEM in fitness and nutrition....and that is what you will get inside my summer group!! 100 workouts you can access from your phone/tablet, nutrition program and supplements - PLUS a motivational group for support and connection. Lets do this TOGETHER!

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