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Losing 50 Pounds, TWICE!!

I DO UNDERSTAND... I do know what it FEELS like to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself inside or out. I know how it feels to feel like you’ve lost yourself, your identity, your health, your energy...and even more not know how to get yourself out of it! I was a new mom on the left at 35 years old. I had lost a good amount of my post partum weight but no where near what I wanted to....I remember the look on my face bc I felt so LOST.

Lost in not sleeping. Lost in my body changing daily and my mind not being able to keep up with it. Lost in understanding how to put myself back together....I was exhausted. And 5 years ago I never would’ve shared this photo with anyone!!!!!!

But I think it’s important for so many reasons. First of all it took my body a long time to heal from the csections, the inflammation from the surgery, the pain meds and not to mention all the bad foods I ate during and after my pregnancy that flared up the SIBO I didn’t know I had!!!! I was holding so much bloat and I didn’t know why...a lot of times you just have to let your body heal. Give it time. But once I did I had to just focus on 10lbs at a time to FIND ME again! It wasn’t just 50lbs holding me down , it was how it made me FEEL. Like junk.

It was one program at a time. 10lbs at a time. Cleaning my nutrition up as I went. The better I felt the more I wanted to do. Did it happen overnight? No. It took me nearly a year both times to lose 50 - but it was worth it!

I’m 42 in the photo on the right. Today the weight isn’t so important. It’s my inflammation level, I know that now. That effects everything for me. Sooo where are you at on your journey? Age doesn’t matter. You have to start! You have to do one program at a time. One day at a time. Find the fun in it - get some results to gain your motivation to keep going!!!

I’d love to help you on your journey. My April Workout Groups are open now! Click Here to join me!!!



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